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A place to find basic Bible teaching, all lessons are fully backed by the Word of God.

You are encouraged to follow the Bible passages by reading them for yourself.

Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today.

Whether you’re looking for answers to life challenges, devotional information or related resources, we hope you will find the answers on Rosita’s Encouragement.

A wonderful YouTube channel from four children in our congregration. Enjoy and subscribe! 

Learning about God in all the fun ways possible”

Our focus with LBI is to serve the purpose of training church leaders and spokesmen where they are currently serving within the body of Christ. No need to move away from home to attend school. With LBI you can study in your own space and at your own speed.

“Training Whole Persons to Communicate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World, Wholly to Please God.”

Sunset International Bible Institute began in 1962 and has trained thousands of preachers and missionaries to carry the Gospel to the world.”

We Offer Free Online Bible Studies. Join Us And Begin To Learn The Bible Today. Study The Bible With A Study Helper Or At Your Own Pace. Join Us Today! Journey With Us. 7 Easy Courses. Postal Mail Option. Self-Paced Courses. All Online Option.

During the Spring of 2024 we have been studying the Old Testament.

Click to view the series of videos we have been watching and discussing.

Where did the Church come from and how did it start?

Examine for yourself the origin of many of the world’s denominational churches to consider whether they are the church of the Bible.

Is it reasonable to believe that Christ’s followers can once again be united in His one church?

Churches of Christ are dedicated to a restoration of the unity which existed in the Lord’s church at its beginning.

Examine what sets the Church of Christ apart from the denominational world in its teaching and practic.

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The Christian Worker is published monthly as a news magazine for Churches of Christ in the United Kingdom. 

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