Leicester Church of Christ

Churches of Christ have existed in Leicester since 1858, when a group of men first gathered in the upper room of a coffee shop in Charles Street under the call of James and Thomas Leaversley who had moved and built a shoe factory in Erskine Street.

They opened their first building in Crafton Street in 1865, which at its peak numbered over 400 members including Mayor Sir Jonathan North.

Other churches sprang up as below, no doubt supported by the strong non-conformist and labour traditions of a very industrial city such as Leicester.

Crafton Street Church of Christ, Leicester, 1950’s, prior to demolition under area slum clearance scheme

Churches of Christ in Leicester (by chronological order)


Crafton Street

First services held in room in Charles Street and in Temperance Hall 1858 before church opened 1865 (more)


York Street

Former Methodist chapel. Subsequently Baptist mission. Road later named York Road)


Andrewes Street

Started in King Richard’s Road School 1880 before church opened 1882. Building suffered bomb damage 1940 and services held in church room and Shaftesbury Road School. Closed on opening of Gooding Avenue, Braunstone in 1950. 


Argyle Street

Started in a room in Cranbourne Street in 1894 before church opened c1896. Closed on opening of Harrison Road in 1922


Melbourne Road

Started by Crafton Street with services in Bridge Road School 1890 before church opened 1895. Amalgamated with Evington Road 1980. Subseqently a Hindu Temple.


Walnut Street

Started by Andrewes Street 1907


Evington Road

Started by Melbourne Road in ‘iron church’ 1909. ‘Iron church’ moved to Dore Road (to form Park Vale Adult School mission) 1924 and services held there until 1925. Services held in new school room on site 1925-27. New church opened 1927. Joined by Melbourne Road in 1980. Joined United Reformed Church in 1981, and closed in 2013.


Laburnum Road

Joined URC in 1981 and subsequently became the Laburnum Road Community Church in 2007


Harrison Road

Opened following closure of Argyle Street 1922. Subsequently a Baptist Chapel 1971.


Saffron Lane

First services held in local barn 1930-1931. Joined URC in 1981.


Bodnant Avenue

Homeway Church of Christ. Branched from Melbourne Road church in 1937. Former school. Subsequently Seventh Day adventist and Wesley Holiness church.


Gooding Avenue

Opened in temporary church (removed 2004) following closure of Andrewes Street in 1950. New church built at front 1960. Transferred to United Reformed Church in 1981.


Sanvey Lane

Started at Newfoundpool Centre in 2014, and moved to Sanvey Lane in 2023 after growing to over 70 members.

Gooding Avenue Church of Christ

Saffron Lane Church of Christ

York Street Church of Christ

Laburnum Road Church of Christ